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The novelty for body, brain beauty & health including all valuable natural minerals and trace elements and naturally occurring nano particles.

  • for functional beverage, smoothies, energy & sport drinks, juices etc.

  • intensifies taste of fruit flavours and aroma

  • approved certified organic BIO products under regulation 2092/91 EC

  • suitable for professional athletes – doping free

  • approved as food supplement under regulation  2002/46 EC

  • derived from pollution free sea water incl. natural nano particles

  • economical dosage from only 1 to 2 litres / 1.000 litres


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Ocean Gold® is one richly at magnesium and highly concentrated sea water brine, which is won in a special procedure under separating common salt from derived from the very clean deep sea water taken from the area of the Great Barrier Reef, purified and manufactured after pharmaceutical standards. The portion of common salt (sodium chloride) is reduced here to a technically possible minimum. Ocean Gold® is not to be confounded therefore with sea salt. Latest scientific research has found a connection between magnesium deficiency and aging (Magnesium Research 2008; 21 (2): 77-82). 

Ocean Gold®  contains however not only magnesium, but additionally in a balanced and natural relationship of the sea water also a multiplicity of further, vitally necessary mineral materials and trace elements. Sea water contains about 73 provable mineral materials and trace elements, which are in Ocean Gold® in highly concentrated form again. This differentiates Ocean Gold® from other products, which contain e.g. only magnesium, since in particular the trace elements in balanced availability play a crucial role in the human electrolyte household and neural functions.

Research of many years resulted in that minerals favour the humidity memory  in the epidermis “, so Dr. Horst Wenck, director of the research & development department at the Nivea manufacturer Beiersdorf Co. „You set the lipid production in motion in the skin and strengthen thereby the protecting effect of the strike-own barrier layer.


Ocean Gold® is available as liquid concentrate or powder for the employment in the beverages -, baking and foodstuffs industry but also as an OTC product in 50 ml or 750 ml size. Ocean Gold® may be  admitted to certified organic products after RL 2092/91 EEC, without changing the BIO status.

Ocean Gold®  is the natural addition, in order to also  revalue your  food for the health important mineral materials and trace elements. Solved in the sea water minerals occur
  also colloidal in nano size, here nature  offers the otherwise expensive nano-technology e.g. used in sport medicine as for free. Their electrical load groups water molecules in cage-like liquid crystal structures around it. The negative load of such micro clusters produces ”the Zeta Potential”. The increase of the Zeta potential causes a reinforcement of the inter particularly repulsive forces or for the human being important – a better blood circulation.
Modern food does not contain any more minerals and especially trace elements in sufficient measure. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral element in the human body, following calcium, sodium and potassium. Magnesium enables many biochemical reactions necessary for life … read on from Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research "Migraines, Sleeplessness, Heart Attacks - Magnesium?"

You can do something for the health of your customers. Only some drops of Ocean Gold® are sufficient in order to not only already supply significantly natural magnesium, but a multiplicity at further, vitally necessary minerals and trace elements, as they naturally occur in the sea water. Professional Athletes or body builders take up to 4 ml per serving. Women prefer Ocean Gold® also to support their skin beauty. 

The advantages of Ocean Gold® in the overview: 

ocean water● Sea minerals liquid or as powder

● reduced content of sodium
   (common salt)

natural balance of the minerals and
   trace elements

● without chemical additives

approved by IMO as additive
   for certified  organic products after
   regulation 2092/91 EC

● approved as food supplement after regulation 2002/46 EC (AGES, Vienna)

suitable also for babies, pregnant and breast feeding women

● best for school kids or students to support better learning.
Not only minerals
   but trace elements are most important to support brain functions and memory
   capabilities. Also elder people can support their memory with Ocean Gold®.
Julia Saponova
● approved  for professional athletes  (National Anti Doping Agency
   NADA). Please refer  to Kölner-Liste  There are many examples of
   improved athletic performance including
   an improved  cardiovascular performance to
   improved blood serum nutrients e.g.


 Juliya Sapunova an  Ukrainian member of the National Triathlon Olympic Team of Ukraine. 


Electrolyte Replacement. Increased energy, vitality and improved health by
   replacing and balancing soluble sea minerals in the body fluids. Soluble minerals
   are the electrolytes which conduct the body´s electrical energies.

Circulatory Health. Minerals play important roles in decalcification, antioxidant and
   cleansing functions in the body. The heart requires magnesium with every beat. 
   Potassium is used to contract the heart muscle.

Hair and Skin. Sea minerals support the dermal lipid metabolism and hair growth.
INCI when used in cosmetic products:  Ocean Gold® or aqua maris
    registered at www.personalcare.org file # PCPC 18962

Vitamin Enhancement. Complete nutrition is more power nutrition. Vitamins
    without minerals DO NOT work. Trace minerals help assimilate vitamins.

Pets. Ever noticed your pet eating grass or dirt? More than likely your pet is lacking
   essential minerals or trace elements. Now, pet owners are used to add Ocean
   Gold® to their pet´s food and water. 

 ● Approved for organic farming by www.fibl.org

Add to carbonated beverages. A few drops per glass balances soda pop to
   greatly reduce potentially harmful effects of carbonates. Ocean Gold® increases
   significantly the redox potential of beverages or water.

Magnesium Supplement. One of the highest, most effective and most bioactive
   magnesium supplements on the market – natural and unpolluted - engineered by
   mother nature.

Re-Mineralize Distilled Water or water from reverse osmosis systems. Put
   some  drops Ocean Gold® per litre for fresh spring water taste.

Cooking. Everybody knows about the mineral depletion in our soils. We frankly are
   not getting the minerals in food we eat. Ocean Gold® mineralizes these food and is
   improving the taste as you would add common salt.

Safety.  Ocean Gold® is processed from one of the purest sea water resources in
   the world – the environment protected area of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. 
   Ocean Gold® is free from pollution. Do you know the principle of homeopathy?
   Than you will understand that we can only use purest sea water because any
   pollution would leave unwanted information in the cluster memory of the water.
   Therefore we  do not recommend to use any product derived from sources like the
   Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake in Utah for human consumption.


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engineered by Nature !


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